Tibco TB0-121 : TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Solution Designer Exam

Number of questions: 120
Last Update: Jul 14, 15
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Tibco TB0-121 Exam Description and Topics

The Tibco TB0-121 (TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Solution Designer) certification exam is a 64-question exam with a time limit of 90 minutes. It is designed for candidates who have had, at minimum, 6 months experience designing, developing, and managing such things as work lists, business services, and process creation (experience using ActiveMatrix BPM 1.1 is also necessary).

To prepare for the Tibco TB0-121 exam, candidates are suggested to enroll in a training course and knowledge assessment, offered by TIBCO, in order to enhance knowledge and review your level of preparedness. An extensive reading list should also be viewed online, while a sample exam (also found online) should be used to review knowledge and become acquainted with the test question format. A passing score of 69% is obligatory.

Using ActiveMatrix BPM, participants will be tested on knowledge of process creation. Participants must be able to design processes (which includes identifying patterns to satisfy requirements), maintain processes (using version control), and create business object and organizational models. Knowledge of process testing forms and issues is required. Participants must also show an ability to administrate processes, using migration and deployment techniques.