Symantec 250-351 : Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 5.0 for Windows Exam

Number of questions: 254
Last Update: Jul 31, 15
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Symantec 250-351 Exam Description and Topics

Potential takers of the Symantec 250-351 (Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 5.0 for Windows) exam are advised to have at least 12 months work experience with Windows clusters. Their previous work experience should familiarize them with Veritas Storage Foundation, storage virtualization, high availability concepts, Windows systems, and network administration.

In order to prepare for the Symantec 250-351 exam, participants are recommended to take the training courses, Veritas Cluster Server 5.x for Windows and Veritas Storage Foundation 5.x for Windows. Participants should also familiarize themselves with Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 5.0 for Windows product documentation and consider taking the available practice exams.

Throughout the 72 question exam, candidates will be required to describe the benefits and uses of Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) and its mirrors. When given a scenario, potential exam candidates will be required to explain how to manage SFW objects within the scenario. Identifying the virtual objects created by the SFW when managing data storage is also required during the 250-351 exam.

In order to pass with a score of 72% or higher, candidates will need to be able to verify the environment, install SFW, cluster an application with Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows (SFWHA), configure and manage SFWHA, and perform advanced configuration. Candidates will also be expected to troubleshoot service groups, SFW objects, resource fault behavior, and common cluster-wide outages during the 90 minute exam.