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Sybase certification exams and 2000+ other exams prep program
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Sybase Certification Exams Testimonials
Passed the Sybase certification exam with TestsLive
I got tired of rushing into an exam, thinking I knew all the answers, only to find out the hard way that I didn't prepare myself correctly. I didn't want to make this mistake on the Sybase certification exam. In my opinion, if a person is meant to study for several hours or days and then put up money for a test or certification exam, that person should be completely ready for anything. I don't have the time, money or resources to mess around on exams like these. That's why I was so excited to find TestsLive and get the help I really needed to prepare for the Sybase certification exam. Without your impressive help, I would have quit this exam-taking crusade years ago and possibly changed career paths. Now I look forward to taking exams because with TestsLive, there are no surprises or let downs. Thank you!
- From Yasoda Sukhu
An outstanding experience awaits all who use TestsLive!
I needed to pass the Sybase certification exam, and I needed to pass it quickly. But the courses in my area all took too long or were scheduled moths away. I found TestsLive through a quick internet search and I am glad I did. I passed the exam in record time with 89%, and I am ready to move on to other exams. TestsLive's system is designed to work at your own pace, it is affordable, and it is effective. I can't even imagine why you would use any other testing system. I had an amazing experience using TestsLive, and I know you will too.
- From Dingengi Mundele
Here's to TestsLive!
I closed another chapter in my quest for professional certifications last week thanks to TestsLive. Since I came across this exceptional company I have made such strides in my career and my credentialing goals. I've finished four certifications so far, including the Sybase certification exam, all with the help of TestsLive and plan to continue my path to becoming one of the most highly qualified staff in my big company. That's a lofty goal but one I know I can achieve with TestsLive at my disposal. Here's to you guys at TestsLive for making my dreams a reality.
- From Chris Pitt
Super Preparation is Just a Click Away with TestsLive
I just got my grade back from the Sybase certification examination, and I have no one to thank but TestsLive! I'm so happy right now, it's almost indescribable. The test would have been impossible if TestsLive hadn't made it so easy for me. Prior to TestsLive, I was pretty sure that I was going to bomb the test, even as I studied my heart out for it. TestsLive made it clear from the get-go that they were a different type of test simulator. Boy, were they right. Previous insurmountable concepts were cleared up almost immediately. My confidence rocketed, and I was super prepared in no time.
- From Petra Krumwiede

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All Sybase Certification Exams
510-020: Sybase Adaptive Server Administrator (Version 12.5)
510-022: Sybase Certified ASE 12.5 Administrator Professional
510-025: Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 Administrator Associate Certification
510-026: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 SQL Developer Professional Certification
510-033: Replication Server 15.0.1 Administrator Professional Certification
510-050: Sybase Certified Replication Server Administrator Professional (Version 12.5)
510-301: Powerbuilder 6.0 developer associate
510-309: Powerbuilder 10.0 Professional
510-405: Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere Developer (Version 8.0)
510-410: Adaptive Server SQL Associate (Version 12.5.2)
510-701: Sybase IQ Administrator 12.6 Professional
510-702: Sybase IQ (Version 15.2) Administrator Professional
510-802: Sybase PowerDesigner Data Modeling Pro.Exam (version 12.1)
510-888: Sybase PowerDesigner Data Modeling Professional