SolarWinds SCP-500 : SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) Exam

Number of questions: 146
Last Update: Jul 11, 15
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SolarWinds SCP-500 Exam Description and Topics

The SolarWinds SCP-500 SolarWinds Certified Professional examination is designed for professionals in the field of network management; it will test knowledge of managing a networking using Orion NPM.

To prepare for the SolarWinds SCP-500 exam, several training resources are available, including an SCP introduction video and several other training videos that describe and explain different aspects of the SCP exam. It is highly suggested that candidates view the exam preparation guide, which lists the exam topics in full, along with web resources and practice questions that accompany each topic.

Test topics will include the following:

1. Fundamentals of Network Management. Management protocols, such as SNMP and NetFlow, will be tested, as will troubleshooting and diagnosing network problems.

2. Planning and Operations. Participants should be able to design an efficient reporting system and determine monitoring scope and the impact of network topology on monitoring. The ability to enable devices, determine future capacity requirements, and monitor/report on SLAs is required.

3. Orion NPM Administration. Knowledge of different Orion NPM aspects is necessary, including account management, web console customization, report creation, and network elements will be tested.