SOA S90.09 : SOA Design & Architecture Lab Exam

Number of questions: 41
Last Update: Jul 25, 15
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SOA S90.09 Exam Description and Topics

The two hour SOA S90.09: SOA Design & Architecture Lab is available to be taken at any of the worldwide Prometric Testing Centers. Before taking the exam, SOA suggests that potential exam participants either take the instructor-led workshop that includes Course Module 9: SOA Design & Architecture Lab or that the participant obtain the Module 9 Self-Study Kit. For those who are attempting self-study, two textbooks may also be helpful: "SOA Principles of Service Design" and "SOA Design Patterns."

Candidates for the SOA S90.09 exam must be willing and able to apply the technology, concepts, techniques, patters and principles related to design. The ability to solve inter-related problems and create their own design specifications are the types of knowledge that the S90.09 exam candidate must possess.

The SOA S90.09 exam tests the practical application behind the concepts and patterns of the complex physical design of service-oriented solutions. A passing score on the S90.09 exam is required in order to gain the Certified SOA Architect certification.