SOA C90.03 : Cloud Technology Lab Exam

Number of questions: 22
Last Update: Jul 12, 15
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SOA C90.03 Exam Description and Topics

The SOA C90.03 (Cloud Technology Lab) exam is a 90-minute exam that serves as the third module within the cloud computing program. Successful completion of this exam can be applied toward the Certified Cloud Technology Professional certification. The exam must be taken at an official Prometric testing center (centers are offered worldwide).

Exam preparation can be done in one of two ways: through the Cloud Technology Lab in-class training course, or by purchasing the exam C90.03 self-study kit. Both will cover specific information included on the exam, while the latter will also include a textbook with exam exercises, study guide, flash cards, and additional supplementary materials. The exam is only available in the English language.

The SOA C90.03 exam will present a large number of practical questions, dealing with concepts learned in the training course, which are applied in a standard Cloud technology lab. Participants must be able to complete exercises using Cloud Computing concepts, patterns, techniques, and technologies. Questions regarding the establishment of service-oriented cloud computing architectures, based on Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery models, will also be asked. Other specific information should be known and understood.