SCP SC0-501 : Advanced Security Implementation Exam

Number of questions: 50
Last Update: Jul 4, 15
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SCP SC0-501 Exam Description and Topics

The SCP SC0-501 Advanced Security Implementation examination includes 60 questions that must be answered within a 90-minute period. A score of 75% is required to pass successfully and earn the SCNA certification. Before attempting this exam, candidates must have completed the Strategic Infrastructure Security exam. Because advanced concepts will be tested on this exam, basic knowledge - relating to networking and network security - will be assumed and must be understood.

Knowledge of network security strategies and policies will be tested. To prepare for this exam, two training courses, Advanced Security Implementation (ASI) and Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS), can be taken. Both classes will discuss the components of the exam and are highly recommended for studying purposes. The test can be taken at any Prometric or VUE testing center worldwide.

Participants should have an adequate understanding of cryptography and authentication. As well, participants must be able to implement certificate authorities, manage digital certificates and signatures, and understand PKI policy and architecture. Participants should be able to explain aspects of forensics, biometrics, email security, and wireless security.