SCP SC0-471 : Security Certified Network Professional Exam

Number of questions: 180
Last Update: Jul 4, 15
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SCP SC0-471 Exam Description and Topics

The SCP SC0-471 Security Certified Network Professional exam is a 90-minute exam with 60 multiple choice questions and is required for the Security Certified Network Professional certification, which showcases additional security skills for network administrators. Before earning this certification, candidates must hold the SCNS certification, as this exam serves as an extension of knowledge from Tactical Perimeter Defense examination.

A five-day training class is available for enrollment. It will include textbook training and practical, hands-on labs, teaching skills and concepts that will be found on the exam. More information regarding this training course and the certification examination can be accessed at the SCP website. A passing score of 75% is required.

The SCP SC0-471 exam will include concepts of (but not limited to) the following:

1. Hardening Linux and Windows Server 2003. Within Linux computers, participants should have knowledge of secure system management, security scripting, and security tools. Within the Windows Server 2003, participants must be able to implement security configuration tools and configure Resource and Network Security, Auditing, and Logging.

2. Cryptography and Internet Security. Participants must demonstrate knowledge of Web/DNS server hardening, attack techniques, cryptographic algorithms, and message authentication.

3. Participants should also be able to describe ethical hacking techniques, create security policies, and perform risk analysis.