Oracle 1z0-899 : Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam

Number of questions: 108
Last Update: Jul 25, 15
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Oracle 1z0-899 Exam Description and Topics

The Oracle 1z0-899 Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified CE exam is 2-hour test comprised of 57 questions total. The associated certification is Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer. Certified individuals should have the knowledge and skills to quickly build web applications suited to any Java EE 6 application server using JSP and servlet technologies. A passing score of 61% is required.

A recommended training course, Web Component Development with Servlets & JSPs - Java EE 6, is available to take for preparation purposes. The Oracle 1z0-899 exam is available in English and will soon be available in Japanese.

Topics found on the Oracle 1z0-899 exam will include:

1. Introduction to Java Servlets and Java Server Pages - Participants must describe web applications, the role of Java, and the benefits of Java servlet technology; create a simple Java servlet, define three-tier and MVC architecture.

2. Implementing an MVC Design - Participants will be asked to code a controller and a view, forward control from a servlet to a JSP, understand fundamentals of EL, and implement a simple MVC system.

3. Container facilities for servlets and JSPs - Understanding the purpose and structure of deployment descriptors, control contest root and servlet mapping, and other specifics is necessary.

4. View facilities - The four data scopes will be tested.

5. Developing JSP pages - Participants should understand the origins, benefits, and weaknesses of JSPs, and describe JSP technology and its lifecycle.

6. Asynchronous web application

7. Web application security

8. The servlet's environment - Understanding details of the HTTP protocol and fundamentals of HTML forms is key.