Oracle 1z0-870 : MySQL 5 Certified Associate Exam

Number of questions: 241
Last Update: Jul 22, 15
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Oracle 1z0-870 Exam Description and Topics

The Oracle 1z0-870 MySQL 5 CA exam is a 90-minute test comprised of 50 questions. A passing score of 60% is required to obtain the Oracle Certified Associate, MySQL 5 certification. It is intended for those who are relatively new to using the MySQL database server, and it covers basic database management system and SQL concepts.

Exam topics will include Theory, Terminology and Concepts, Data Definition Using SQL, Basic and Advanced Data Manipulation Using SQL, Transactions, and Import/Export. The recommended training course is MySQL for Beginners (SQL-4401).

Participants should have a clear understanding of client/server concepts and database objects. Terms such as databases, data types, tables, constrains, indexes, and views must be identified, defined, and described. The ability to add, modify, remove, and search data is required, while expressions, grouping and aggregate functions should be understood. Transaction concepts and tools/SQL for import/export will also be tested.