Oracle 1z0-869 : Java Mobile Edition 1 Mobile Application Developer Certified Professional Exam

Number of questions: 340
Last Update: Jul 14, 15
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Oracle 1z0-869 Exam Description and Topics

The Oracle 1z0-869 Java Mobile Edition 1 Mobile Application Developer CP exam is a 150-minute test with 68 questions total. It is required for the Oracle Certified Professional, Java ME 1 Mobile Application Developer certification, meant for developers who use Java technologies to create mobile applications for smart phones and other devices. A score of 54% is required to pass.

Two CD courses are available to purchase from Oracle and will greatly improve the preparation process. A training course - Wireless Mobile Component Development - is also available to take, while a practice exam and sample questions can be accessed online. The Oracle 1z0-869 exam is only available in the English language.

The following technologies and topics will be tested on the Oracle 1z0-869 exam. Specific information should be known and understood about each:

1. JTWI (JSR 185) and Overview of JTWI-Compliant Wireless Applications

2. CLDC 1.0 and 1.1

3. MIDP Persistent Storage and User Interface (UI) API

4. Media Using MIDP 2.0 and the MMAPI 1.1

5. Wireless Messaging API 1.1

6. Application Model, Delivery, Lifecycle, and Provisioning

7. Security (Both CLDC and MIDP)

8. Push Registry

9. Networking