Oracle 1z0-805 : Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer Exam

Number of questions: 91
Last Update: Jul 26, 15
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Oracle 1z0-805 Exam Description and Topics

The Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer Exam (1Z0-805) is a closed-book, pass-fail test that contains 90 questions. A passing score of 60% is required for success and a total of 150 minutes are allotted for completion.

Certifications associated with the 1Z0-805 Exam include the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer. Recommended training and exam prep include:

(1) Java SE 7 New Features

(2) Java SE 7 New Features LVC, and (3) Java SE 7 New Features Ed 1.

The 1Z0-805 Exam covers six major subject areas. The percentage of correct questions in each section influences the overall exam score. Further details on the subject matter and focus of exam questions can be found in the Exam Topics section below.

Exam Topics:

Focus of questions on the 1Z0-805 Exam may include, but are not limited to, the following.

1. Design Patterns

1.1. Class designs - Singleton and Factory design patterns

1.2. Solving business problems with composition

1.3. DAO Pattern implementation

2. Database Applications with JDBC


2.2. Java statements for JDBC database connection

2.3. JDBC 4.1 RowSetProvider, RowSetFactory, and RowSet interfaces

2.4. JDBC transactions

2.5. Query submissions with JDBC API

3. Java File I/O (NIO.2)

3.1. Path class operations - file and directory paths

3.2. Files class for file and directory adjustments - checking, deleting, copying and moving

3.3. Directory attributes - reading and changing

3.4. Directory tree recursive access

3.5. PathMatcher class file location

3.6. WatchService for directory changes