Oracle 1z0-526 : Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation 10 Essentials Exam

Number of questions: 70
Last Update: Jul 31, 15
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Oracle 1z0-526 Exam Description and Topics

The Oracle 1z0-526: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Foundation 10 Essentials Exam is a closed-book, pass-fail test that contains 70 questions. A passing score of 61% is required for success and a total of 105 minutes are allotted for exam completion.

Recommended training and exam prep include the use of the Oracle University, specifically: (1) Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3: Build Repositories; (2) Oracle BI 10g: Analytical Overview; and (3) Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3: Create Reports and Dashboards. Oracle PartnerNetwork resources for test preparation are also recommended, including boot camps: (1) Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus Implementation, and (2) Oracle BI EE 10.1.3 Implementation.

The 1Z0-526 Exam covers nineteen major focus areas. The percentage of correct questions in each section influences the overall exam score. Further details on the subject matter and focus of exam questions can be found in the Exam Topics section below.

Exam Topics:

Focus of questions on the 1Z0-526 Exam may include, but are not limited to the following.

1. Hierarchies and Level Based Measures

1.1. Dimensional hierarchy

1.2. Measures

2. Dashboards and Answers Development

2.1. UI objects

2.2. Delivery devices

2.3. Profiles

3. Building Repository with Multiple Sources

3.1. Logical tables

3.2. Second table sources

4. Dimension Modeling

4.1. Data warehousing

4.2. Dimensions