Oracle 1Z0-311 : Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I Exam

Number of questions: 133
Last Update: Jul 13, 15
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Oracle 1Z0-311 Exam Description and Topics

The Oracle 1Z0-311: Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I test is a 105 minutes exam with a range of 66 questions. In order to pass this test and achieve the Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator OCA certification, a candidate is going to need achieve a minimum passing score of 71%. The recommended training course for this exam is the Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I class.

This Oracle 1Z0-311 exam is extensive, with 18 different topics that will be tested on. For example, a few of the topics that will be tested on include being able to describe Oracle Application Server Key Components and Features, analyzing Oracle Application Server Architecture, and installing OracleAS Infrastructure and OracleAS Middle Tier. A candidate will also need to be able to demonstrate their knowledge of how to use Oracle Application Server Management Tools.

Two other important topics that will appear on the 1Z0-311 exam are configuring Oracle Application Server Components in OID and managing access using Delegated Administration Service. A considerable portion of the test will be devoted to OracleAS. A candidate will need to know how to administer the OracleAS Single Sign On server, securing OracleAS Components using SSL, and managing and configuring OracleAS Certificate Authority.