Oracle 1Z0-264 : Hyperion Essbase 9.3 Developer Exam

Number of questions: 52
Last Update: Jul 8, 15
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Oracle 1Z0-264 Exam Description and Topics

The Oracle 1Z0-264: Hyperion Essbase 9.3 Developer test is a 60 minutes exam with a range of 51 questions. In order to pass the exam and obtain the associated certification, a candidate will need to obtain a 72% passing rate. In order to prepare for this exam, a candidate is encouraged to enroll in the Hyperion Essbase Analytics 9.3 Bootcamp course. The associated certification for this course is the Hyperion Essbase 9.3 Developer Certified Expert.

There are a number of different topics that will be addressed on the Oracle 1Z0-264 exam. One of the first topics that will be addressed is an overview of the Analytic Services, which will include questions about describing multidimensional analysis, describing Hyperion Business Performance Management, describing Analytic Services, and identifying components of the block storage production environment A significant portion of the exam will be devoted to Calculation, including storing and calculating data, creating Calculation Scripts, and controlling the Calculation process.

Other topics that will be addressed on the 1Z0-264 exam include designing applications and databases, designing data descriptor dimensions, and creating advanced dimension build rules files. These are just general guidelines for the content of the exam, and a candidate should be prepared for additional questions about related content to appear.