OMG OCUP-300 : OMG-Certified UML Professional Advanced Exam

Number of questions: 135
Last Update: Jul 12, 15
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OMG OCUP-300 Exam Description and Topics

The exam number for the OMG Certified UML Professional Advanced Exam is OCUP-300. The OCUP Advanced Examination covers the full range of UML elements. Familiarity with these elements allows a user to read, interpret, construct, and work with extremely large and complex UML models of an application's structure and behavior.

The OMG OCUP-300 exam will contain a range of 58 questions, and a candidate will be allotted 90 minutes in which to complete the exam. In order to pass the exam, a candidate is going to need to obtain a minimum score of 29%. In order to take this test, an individual will need to have obtained a passing score on the OCUP Fundamental and Intermediate Exams.

An example of one topic that will appear on the OMG OCUP-300 test is Advanced Actions Modeling. On this portion of the exam, a candidate will need to demonstrate their knowledge of the basic knowledge and comprehension of advanced action language constructs. For example, a candidate will need to know how to accept event actions, object actions, and link identification.

Other topics that will appear on the test include Composite Structure Diagrams, Object Constraint Language, and Language Architecture. These are general guidelines for the content of the exam, and additional questions about related material may appear.