Novell 050-895 : Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation: eDirectory 8.8 Exam

Number of questions: 71
Last Update: Jul 2, 15
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Novell 050-895 Exam Description and Topics

The Novell 050-895 Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation: eDirectory 8.8 exam is an instructor test that will award candidates with the Novell Certified Instructors qualification. The test is from course 3067. Candidates can choose to prepare for the examination by obtaining a Novell training kit that contains the materials and objectives that will be covered on the test.

There are nineteen different topics that will be covered on the Novell 050-895 test. Prior to taking the exam it is imperative that candidates have a strong understanding of the topics and the material. Some of the topics that will be covered on the examination include:

- Being able to understand eDirectory replication and partitioning solutions

- Being able to validate eDirectory designs

- Being able to correctly evaluate the eDirectory designs

- Being able to correctly describe the function and purpose of a directory

- Being able to perform a Needs Analysis

- Being able to implement as well as design a time synchronization strategy correctly

- Being able to build an EduTrain Tree appropriately

- Possessing the ability to identify fundamental design factors for directories

- Being able to identify features that are new to an eDirectory 8.8