Microsoft 70-506 : TS: Silverlight 4, Development Exam

Number of questions: 63
Last Update: Jul 3, 15
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Microsoft 70-506 Exam Description and Topics

Microsoft Learning is offering this exam as part of the TS: Silverlight 4, Development professional certification. The Microsoft 70-506 exam is primarily for software developers who have significant work experience in the role of creating Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) using Silverlight 4. This exam, which is accessible in six languages, will assess the candidates' knowledge of Silverlight 4 and previous versions of Silverlight. Successfully achieving a passing score on this exam will satisfy the requirements for this certification category.

In effort to maintain exam security, Microsoft does not typically provide specific information such as time limit, format, or number of questions that will appear on the exam. Examinees should expect questions to address topics that include, but are limited to the following: Laying out and enhancing a User Interface, Implementing Application Logic, Working with data, Interacting with a Host Platform, and Structuring and Deployment of applications. Due to the nature of the Microsoft 70-506 exam, each exam topic is subject to include more specific content.

Microsoft offers prospective certification candidates the opportunity to review preparation tools and resources. To increase your likelihood of success, Microsoft recommends having a combination of work experience with the Silverlight product along with completion of learning plans, classroom training, and E-Learning courses.