LPI 117-303 : LPI Level 3 Exam 303 Exam

Number of questions: 102
Last Update: Jul 13, 15
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LPI 117-303 Exam Description and Topics

The successful completion of the LPI Level 3 Exam 303 entitles candidates to the specialty designation: LPI 303: Security. The exam number for this test is 117-303. Currently, this exam is available only in the English and Japanese languages, and a candidate will be allotted 90 minutes in which to complete the test.

Although there are a number of topics present on the LPI 117-303 exam, one of the most important portions of the test will be devoted to covering Access Control. Two of the most important subtopics that will appear in this portion of the exam include Extended Attributes and ACLs and SE Linux. A candidate will need to have a thorough knowledge of each of these topics.

Another important topic that will appear on the exam is Application Security. Here, a candidate will need to demonstrate that they have a thorough knowledge of BIND, DNS, Mail Services, Apache, and FTP. In regards to Apache, candidates hould have experience and knowledge of security issues in use and configuration of Apache web services.

Other topics that will also appear on the LPI 117-303 exam will include Cryptography, Operations Security, and Network Security. These are general guidelines for the content of the exam, and additional topics about related material may appear.