LPI 117-301 : LPI Level 3 Exam 301 Exam

Number of questions: 112
Last Update: Jul 7, 15
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LPI 117-301 Exam Description and Topics

The LPI 117-301: LPI Level 3 Exam 301 is the sole exam for LPIC-3 designation. It tests skills in authentication, troubleshooting, network integration and capacity planning. The exam number for this test is 117-301. The exam is currently available in the English and Japanese languages, and a candidate will be allotted 90 minutes in which to finish the exam.

There are a number of topics that will be addressed on the LPI 117-301 exam. One of the more important topics is that of Capacity Planning. Here, a candidate will be required to thoroughly demonstrate their knowledge of how to measure resource usage, troubleshoot resource problems, analyze current demand, and predict future resource needs.

Another important topic that will appear on this test includes Concepts, Architecture, and Design. Subtopics that will arise on this portion of the exam include LDAP Concepts and Architecture, Directory Design, and Schemas, amongst other topics. Key topics of knowledge that a candidate will need to be familiar with include attribute definitions, directory namespaces, and change type operations.

Other topics that will appear on the LPI 117-301 test include Installation and Development, Configuration, Usage, and Integration and Migration. Because each topic is assigned a weighted value that reveals its significance, a candidate is encouraged to study the syllabus carefully.