Juniper JN0-332 : JNCIS-SEC (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist) Exam

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Last Update: Jul 5, 15
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Juniper JN0-332 Exam Description and Topics

The Juniper JN0-332: JNCIS-SEC (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist) exam is designed to validate the networking professionals' ability to deploy, configure, manage and troubleshoot JUNOS-based security platforms. Once a candidate has passed this exam, their associated certification will be valid for two years. Recertification will be achieved by passing the current version of JNCIS.

The Juniper JN0-332 exam will be administered in a hands-on format. The exam will last approximately eight hours. In order to take this test, a candidate must have already obtained their JNCIP-SEC certification, and it is recommended that a candidate have extensive real-world hands-on experience before attempting to take this exam.

Because this is a hands-on exam, each exam will be different from one another. The topics that may be included on an exam include Infrastructure Concepts, High Availability, Firewall Policies, NAT, Attack Prevention, and Extended Implementation Concepts. These are just general guidelines for the content of the exam, and additional topics may or may not appear on the test.

An example of one topic that might appear on the Juniper JN0-332 exam is Infrastructure Concepts. In this portion of the test, a candidate would be required to define security zones, including how to configure them, and device management, such as user accounts and system services.