Juniper JN0-311 : JNCIA-WX (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate) Exam

Number of questions: 124
Last Update: Jul 13, 15
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Juniper JN0-311 Exam Description and Topics

The Juniper JN0-311: JNCIA-WX (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate) exam is designed for experienced networking professionals who have a fair amount of knowledge of Juniper Networks WAN Acceleration (WX) and WAN Acceleration Cache (WXC) platforms and their deployment. Once a candidate has passed this exam, their certification will be valid for two years.

The Juniper JN0-311 is a written exam with a range of 60 questions, which will be presented in a multiple choice format. A candidate will be allotted 90 minutes in which to complete the exam, and in order to pass this test, he or she will need to obtain a minimum score of 70%.

There will be a number of topics that are addressed on the Juniper JN0-311 exam. An example of one such topic includes an overview of the WX Framework. On this portion of the exam, a candidate will be tested on naming and defining the various patented technologies which allow state-of-the-art compression and acceleration of WAN traffic, listing the WAN Acceleration Platforms and describe their differences, and defining how the WX Framework relates to Routing.

Other topics that a candidate can expect to be tested on include Basic Installation, Basic Configuration and Compression, Quality of Service, WX Central Management System, and Operation and Management, amongst other topics.