IBQH IBQH001 : International Board for Quality in Healthcare Exam

Number of questions: 301
Last Update: Jul 1, 15
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IBQH IBQH001 Exam Description and Topics

The IBQH IBQH001 International Board for Quality in Healthcare exam is designed to assist healthcare professionals in improving the quality of available healthcare services. There are no specific educational or prior experience requirements for this exam, but it is recommended that a candidate have a minimum of two years of experience in their field before taking this exam.

In order to prepare for the IBQH IBQH001 exam, a candidate is strongly encouraged to attend IBQH preparation courses that are conducted in multiple countries by ASQH professionals. Other resources that a candidate can use include the Handbook for Improvement, Hospital Peer Review, and the Journal for Healthcare Quality.

The IBQH IBQH001 exam will feature a range of 150 questions, which will be presented in multiple choice format. There will be 130 marked multiple choice questions and 20 that are not. A candidate will be allotted 180 minutes in which to complete the exam, and after the exam, a survey will be provided for a candidate to rate their experiences regarding the exam.

After completing the exam, a candidate will be awarded a "pass" or "fail" ranking at the test site. If a successful candidate passes, then he or she will be mailed their certification within 30 days of the test date.