IBM COG-622 : IBM Cognos 10 BI Administrator Exam

Number of questions: 48
Last Update: Jul 15, 15
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I am so glad I found TestsLive tutorials on the Web to study for my IBM COG-622 certification exam. I found the practice exams easy to go through and answer. A couple of times I answered the question wrong, but TestsLive provide the explanation, so I wasn't confused for long. Certification exams can be difficult and stressful. Sometimes just thinking about the exam produces anxiety, but I certainly felt more relaxed after going through the tutorial exams at TestsLive. The real-life questions were excellent as well. TestsLive constantly updates their exam questions and answers, so the questions are relevant to the actual exam.
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IBM COG-622 Exam Description and Topics

IBM Professional Certification program is making the COG-622 (IBM Cognos 10 BI Administrator) exam offering available to individuals who are progressing toward the IBM Certified Administrator-Cognos 10 BI track. This hour-long exam will require the candidate to adequately address key conceptual principles, technological components, and functionality features of the Cognos line of products. To ensure the greatest chance of success and reward for time invested into the certification process, IBM recommends that candidates prepare for the exam by utilizing a combination of work experience and the training tools that are associated with this exam.

The 47 questions on the IBM COG-622 exam will require the participant to define, identify, and describe a variety of concepts and tasks that rely on Cognos 10. Sample topics include managing administrative content (e.g. defining steps involved creating a data source), managing report content (e.g. identifying and describing techniques involved), managing the server environment (e.g. identifying Cognos 10 architecture, components, load balancing options, and troubleshooting techniques, describing how the product processes requests), and managing the security environment. These topics are only meant as general indicators for the purpose of guiding the preparations process. Other related topics may also be encountered on the exam.