IBM 00M-226 : IBM Smart Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1 Exam

Number of questions: 35
Last Update: Jul 6, 15
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IBM 00M-226 Exam Description and Topics

The Test IBM 00M-226 (IBM Smart Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1) is a 60-minute exam consisting of 34 questions. The test is only offered in the languages of English and Japanese. A minimum score of 73% is required to pass the exam. Upon completion of the 00M-226 exam, a candidate will be allowed to become an IBM Smart Analytics Sales Professional v1. The exam number for this test is 00M-226.

An individual is allowed two attempts to pass the 00M-226 test. After two failed attempts, the candidate must wait three months before they are permitted to take the test again. The corresponding Learner Portal course may be used by individuals who wish to prepare for the 00M-226 exam.

Topics covered on the 00M-226 exam may include but are not limited to: understanding what IBM Smart Analytics System is, knowing the system components of IBM Smart Analytics System solutions, understanding environmental trends and how to identify an opportunity, and understanding the obstacles in the marketplace.