IBM 000-956 : IBM Storwize V7000 Technical Solutions V1 Exam

Number of questions: 136
Last Update: Jul 11, 15
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IBM 000-956 Exam Description and Topics

The IBM 000-956 (IBM Storwize V7000 Technical Solutions V1) test is an examination that consists of 65 questions. The candidate taking the examination will have a time period of 90 minutes to complete the examination. Candidates must score no less than a 66% on the examination if they want to pass to receive full accreditation. At this time, all of the materials related to the examination as well as the examination itself are only offered in English.

The IBM 000-956 test covers items related to the IBM Storwize system and the technical solutions related to it. This involves items such as the system and its advanced functions, system solutions, solution designs and the basic implementation of the system. Though the system primarily deals with the technical solutions of the system, some other items will also be covered.

To prepare for the intensive nature of the examination, candidates are given the opportunity to take an online course in preparation for the examination. During the online course, candidates are given all of the knowledge necessary to ensure that they will be prepared for the examination. This includes materials that they can study outside of the online course time.