IBM 000-839 : Rational Unified Process v7.0 Exam

Number of questions: 118
Last Update: Jul 15, 15
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IBM 000-839 Exam Description and Topics

The IBM 000-839 (Rational Unified Process v7.0) test is an examination that is primarily intended to test the candidate's knowledge of the rational unified process. The examination consists of a total of 52 questions which candidates will have 75 minutes to complete. During this time period, the candidates must answer no less than 62% of the questions correctly. This means that the candidates must score 33 of the 52 questions correctly in order to attain the accreditation.

The IBM 000-839 examination tests the candidate's ability to work with concepts such as iterative development principals, iterative development and work processes, basic method elements and their relationships, basic process elements and their relationships as well as basic concepts of disciplines. All of these subject materials will be covered in addition to several sub-categories as well.

To prepare for the IBM 000-839 examination, candidates have the option of attending one of two courses that are offered onsite. In addition, the candidates may also choose to take an online review course. This course offers preparation of the examination as well and would work well in supplementation of one of the classroom courses. The examination, at this time, is only offered in English.