IBM 000-551 : IBM Optim Implementation for Distributed Systems (2009) Exam

Number of questions: 123
Last Update: Jul 23, 15
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IBM 000-551 Exam Description and Topics

The IBM 000-551 (IBM Optim Implementation for Distributed Systems (2009)) examination contains seventy-two questions, and is ninety minutes long. In order to receive certification for the subject, applicants must be able to pass the test with a score of sixty-seven percent or better. Before an applicant can be invited to take the examination, he or she must possess at least two to four years of experience, in addition to completing an associated course.

During the course, applicants will learn how to provide technical users as well as DBAs with a foundation of the basic principles an Optim solution possesses. The course will teach applicants the features, functionality, and business value Optim solutions have. Participants will learn how to configure and install Optim environments.

The final examination is divided into five different topics and subject areas with which applicants must familiarize themselves prior to taking the examination. The five topics into which the examination is divided are: configuration and installation, implementation methodology, understanding core functionality of an Optim system, troubleshooting and monitoring performance of an Optim system, and understanding advanced topics that focus on security, automation, and storage of Optim systems. Various subtopics will follow the primary topics upon which applicants are tested.