IBM 000-419 : IBM InfoSphere QualityStage v8 Examination Exam

Number of questions: 119
Last Update: Jul 24, 15
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IBM 000-419 Exam Description and Topics

This IBM 000-419 (IBM InfoSphere QualityStage v8 Examination) examination concerns itself with certification as an IBM Certified Solution Developer I InfoSphere QualityStage v8. It contains 60 questions that must be 66.67% correct when answered within a 90-minute timeframe. The only language this exam is given in is English.

Test 000-419 is divided into 8 sections. Topics that are included in the exam include, but are not limited to:

1. Exam participants should be able to describe the various steps involved in data quality methodology.

2. They should know and understand the business requirements as they relate to data quality.

3. Exam participants should understand process sequence and why it works.

4. Participants should be able to identify the steps necessary for standardization.

5. Exam participants should be able to demonstrate their knowledge about hot to optimize QualityStage jobs, and to use parallel concepts in the process.

6. Participants will be given a scenario and will be asked to describe hot to handle multi-country data for standardization.

7. Exam participants should know the differences between standardization, verification and certification, and know how to describe these differences.

8. Each candidate should be able to demonstrate knowledge about how to customize the standardization rules and how to manage them.