IBM 000-374 : IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0, System Administration Exam

Number of questions: 112
Last Update: Jul 10, 15
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IBM 000-374 Exam Description and Topics

The IBM 000-374 (IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0, System Administration) is a pass-fail, closed-book test that requires a score of 59% for success. Administered in English with an allotted time of 105 minutes, there are 56, multiple choice questions on the exam. Questions are formatted in two ways: single answer and multiple answers. Test takers are advised on the exam of how many multiple choice options are required for a correct answer on each question.

The 000-374 Exam contains 6 sections and the percentage of correct answers under each influences the overall percentage evaluation and the pass or fail status of the candidate. Exam sections cover: Planning (11%), Installation and Configuration (16%), Basic Administration (14%), Publish and Subscribe (11%), Problem Determinations (16%), and Security (11%). Additional details of exam question focus can be found under the Exam Topics below.

Questions for the 000-374 test may include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Problem Determinations

1.1 Locate problems

1.2 Find corresponding data

1.3 Identify causes

1.4 Implement recovery and solutions

2. Basic Administration

2.1 Select configuration components

2.2 Operating channels

2.3 Clustering

3. Installation and Configuration

3.1 Queue management

3.2 Object creation for application support

3.3 Integration of object for HTTP and JMS

4. Publish and Subscribe

4.1 Broker topology basics

4.2 Topic and subscription management