IBM 000-270 : IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5, Integration Development Exam

Number of questions: 57
Last Update: Jul 19, 15
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IBM 000-270 Exam Description and Topics

The IBM 000-270 (IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5, Integration Development) is a pass-fail, closed-book test, requiring a score of 60% to pass. The 000-270 Exam must be completed within 120 minutes and features 56 questions in multiple choice format. Each question may require a single or multiple options selected for a correct answer. Test instructions indicate the number of options required for credit with each question.

The 000-270 Exam contains 7 sections. Percentages of correct answers in each section influence the total combined score and the pass-fail status of candidates. Exam sections cover: Service Component Architecture (SCA) programming model and solution design (16%), Business solution development (21%), Human tasks (20%), Mediation (14%), Connectivity and integration (11%), Testing and troubleshooting (13%), and Packaging and deployment (5%). Additional details of question focus can be found in the Exam Topics section below.

Exam question focus for the 000-270 test includes the following. Other topics may also appear on the exam.

1. Testing and troubleshooting

1.1 Testing of business integration solutions, projects, cases and suites

1.2 BPC testing and troubleshooting for human tasks

1.3 XCT performance and troubleshooting

2. Human tasks

2.1 Task life cycle and event handlers

2.2 Criteria of people assignments

2.3 Query tables

3. Mediation

3.1 SMO

3.2 Mediation flow and editing

3.3 XML map data transformations

4. Business solution development

4.1 BPEL processes and editor uses

4.2 Business state machines and editor

4.3 Transaction behavior

4.4 Invocation selectors

5. Connectivity and integration

5.1 BPD and SCA components

5.2 JDBC connectivity and adapters