IBM 000-119 : Enterprise Storage Technical Support V2 Exam

Number of questions: 70
Last Update: Jul 29, 15
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IBM 000-119 Exam Description and Topics

The IBM 000-119 (Enterprise Storage Technical Support V2) test is a 2-hour exam with 70 questions total. This exam is necessary for the IBM Certified Specialist - Enterprise Storage Technical Support V2 certification and will test knowledge relating to the following processes of Enterprise Storage: Evaluating and Establishing Customer Environment and Plans, Applying Product Information, Installing Planning/Migration Considerations, and Installation/Post-Installation Support. The exam is only available in the English language. The exam number for this test is 000-119.

No formal training is required for the completion of the IBM 000-119 exam. Candidates can prepare with the assistance of numerous resources, including an online course, seven IBM Redbooks, and six web resources. Please note that a certain level of "on the job" experience is required for successful completion. The associated certification for this exam is IBM Certified Specialist - Enterprise Storage Technical support V2. The required passing score is 62%.

Some of the topics found on the IBM 000-119 exam include storage product features, architectural advantages, competitive offerings, current customer environment, product characteristics, tools/methods/processes, solution designs, areas of potential risk associated with installation and migration, post installation support plan, SAPR, and system management tools. These are general guidelines for content and other related topics will also appear on the exam.