IBM 000-057 : AppScan Source Edition Exam

Number of questions: 61
Last Update: Jul 2, 15
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IBM 000-057 Exam Description and Topics

IBM 000-057 (AppScan Source Edition) test is sixty minutes long and covers sixty questions. You must pass this exam with sixty five percent of the exam correct in order to complete the certification. This exam is only offered in English.

Individuals interested in taking the IBM 000-057 exam, understands the essentials for Web application securities and the critical role of static analysis. This Associate should be familiar with all components and interfaces from the Ratioanl AppScam Source Edition. Technical knowledge and understanding in regards to installation and configuration of software, scanning applications, optimizing findings, triage results and the ability to obtain remediation information for the capacity to fix all vulnerabilities.

These individuals are able to use their skills with any given Customer's infrastructure and business requirements. Are able to judge the opportunity, take an educated guess in configuring key decisions and the best way to deploy the correct configurations.