IBM 000-038 : IBM Tivoli Identity Manager V5.1 Fundamentals Exam

Number of questions: 99
Last Update: Jul 21, 15
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IBM 000-038 Exam Description and Topics

Candidates will have 90 minutes to complete the IBM 000-038 (Tivoli Identity Manager V5.1 Fundamentals) exam. The exam will have 52 questions and they must receive at least a 67% on the exam to pass it. Database support along with server identity support should be a top priority to those individuals that are interested in taking this test. These are certainly questions that are going to be asked on the test and it will very important for candidates to have these skills. Other skills will be related to hardware and system requirements. Candidates must also be able to explain the different steps that are involved in the ITIM implementation. There will be some courses that might be recommended. However, they should know that these will not be required but they can be helpful. One of them will be a five day course that will be very hands on at helping students with basic implementation of the Identity Manager.