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HP certification exams and 2000+ other exams prep program
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HP Certification Exams Testimonials
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I recently used TestsLive' services to study for the HP certification exam. I would like to say that I passed my exam on the first try with a great score of 89%. The aspect that I liked most about TestsLive is that their study materials are actually designed by IT industry professionals, so they know what other professionals, like myself, are looking for in a course guide. I know that, with their assistance, taking future HP certification tests will not be a problem, and I would like to extend my sincerest thanks for the services they provide.
- From Rodney Padgett
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While studying for my HP certification exams I relied on the services of TestsLive for my preparations. I was provided with all the necessary exam preparation material for my exams which was neatly organized, up to date and designed especially for the student looking to acquire the maximum amount of information necessary to pass HP certification exams. Thankfully, TestsLive provided me with everything I needed and I was not required to shop around for extra material during my preparation which made the process fast and simple. I really appreciated being able to have everything I needed right at my fingertips. I will continue to rely only on TestsLive for future exams.
- From Kenita Marshall
Thanks guys!
To be completely honest, I was never the kind of a girl, who will always sit at home and read her lessons. This is why I needed a special push for my HP certification exam as I was about to hold it without a special preparation. When I heard about TestsLive I was not sure whether it was worth it but then I decided that I don't have another choice anyway so I took the package and inside I found to my own surprise all the answers for the HP certification exam, which was actually the most helpful thing for my test.
- From Lena Eleby
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I've had success in my career, but there's always been that one dream job that kept coming up that I wanted. I always submitted my resume, but I was told that I wasn't qualified because I didn't have right certification. My desire to finally get that job drove me to take the HP certification exam, but I had the good sense to sign up with TestsLive before attempting it on my own. I'd heard horror stories about people who went into the HP certification exam unprepared, and I didn't want to be one of them. Thanks to TestsLive, I wasn't! I gained the certification, and recently obtained that dream job.
- From Cortavius

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All HP Certification Exams
HP0-066: Advanced Lights-Out
HP0-081: OpenVMS System Administration
HP0-082: OpenVMS Advanced System Administration, Performance, Support
HP0-083: OpenVMS Network Administration
HP0-090: HP-UX Virtual Server Environment
HP0-276: OpenVMS Security Administration
HP0-311: HP OpenViewTeMIP
HP0-760: NonStop Kernel Advanced (Level 2)
HP0-761: NonStop Advanced Networking and Communications
HP0-768: NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF)
HP0-780: NonStop Structured Query Language (SQL)
HP0-787: NonStop Advanced Application Development
HP0-A03: HP-UX 11 to 11i v3 Differences
HP0-A08: NonStop H-series Operating System Support
HP0-A16: NonStop Himalaya Problem Management and Resolution
HP0-A17: Install Maintain and Upgrade NonStop Himalaya Hardware
HP0-A20: Install, Maintain and Upgrade NS-Series Hardware
HP0-A21: NonStop Kernel Basics
HP0-A22: Implementing HP StorageWorks Virtual Library Systems
HP0-A23: NonStop NS-Series Servers Configuration and Planning
HP0-A24: NonStop Data Communication Basics
HP0-A25: NonStop SQL/MX
HP0-D08: Implementing HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions
HP0-D09: Implementation HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions [2011]
HP0-D11: Designing HP Virtualization Solutions
HP0-D13: Technical Introduction to the HP Enterprise Portfolio
HP0-D14: Architecting HP CloudSystem Solutions
HP0-D15: Administering HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions
HP0-J29: Replication Solutions for the HP StorageWorks EVA
HP0-J30: Designing and Implementing HP Storage StoreOnce Solutions
HP0-J33: Implementing HP StorageWorks EVA Solutions (2009)
HP0-J45: Designing and Implementing HP P4000 SAN Solutions
HP0-J46: Designing and Implementing HP Enterprise Backup Solutions
HP0-J47: Managing HP Storage P9000 Solutions
HP0-J48: Designing HP StorageWorks Solutions
HP0-J49: Designing and Implementing HP Cloud Solutions Using 3PAR
HP0-J51: Installing HP StorageWorks Solutions
HP0-J52: Implementing HP SAN Infrastructure and Solutions
HP0-J53: Designing HP Storage Datacenter Solutions
HP0-J54: Advanced SAN Solutions
HP0-J59: StoreOnce Solutions Advanced Service and Support
HP0-M17: HP Performance Center User Site
HP0-M19: HP Virtual User Generator Software
HP0-M28: Implementing HP Asset Manager Software
HP0-M33: HP Operations Orchestration 9.x Software
HP0-M34: HP Server Automation 9.x Software
HP0-M35: Implementing HP TRIM 7.x Software
HP0-M36: HP Data Protector Software Fundamental For Windows
HP0-M37: HP Data Protector Software Fundamentals For UNIX
HP0-M40: HP Network Automation 9.x Software
HP0-M41: HP Universal CMDB 9.x Software
HP0-M43: HP Service Manager 9.x Software
HP0-M44: SiteScope x.11 Software
HP0-M45: HP BSM Platform and End User Management 9.x Software
HP0-M46: HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.x Software
HP0-M47: HP Functional Testing 11.x Software
HP0-M48: HP LoadRunner 11.x Software
HP0-M49: HP Virtual User Generator 11.x Software
HP0-M50: HP BSM Operations Manager i. 9.x Software
HP0-M51: HP BSM Network Node Manager i 9.x Software
HP0-M52: HP BSM Operations Manager on UNIX and Linux 9.x Software
HP0-M53: HP BSM Operations Manager on Windows 9.x Software
HP0-M54: ArcSight ESM Security Analyst
HP0-M55: ArcSight ESM Administrator
HP0-M57: HP Project and Portfolio Management Center 9.x Software
HP0-M58: HP Software Testing Foundation 11
HP0-P10: HP Integrity Server Multi-OS Installation and Deployment
HP0-P11: HP Integrity Entry-Level Server Technologies
HP0-P15: Planning & Designing HP Superdome 2 Server Solutions
HP0-P17: HP-UX 11i v3 Security Administration
HP0-P19: HP-UX High Availability Using Serviceguard v18
HP0-P20: HP-UX 11i v3 System Administration
HP0-P21: HP-UX 11iv3 Advanced System Administration
HP0-S25: Implementing ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers
HP0-S26: Integrating and Managing HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers
HP0-S27: Implementing HP Blade System Solutions
HP0-S28: Integrating & Managing HP Blade System Solutions in Enterprise
HP0-S30: Design and Implementation of HP SIM and HP Insight Control
HP0-S31: Managing Windows and Linux Servers Systems
HP0-S32: HP BladeSystem Networking
HP0-S36: Architecting HP Server Solutions
HP0-T01: HP Performance Insight v5.x Software
HP0-Y30: Implementing HP Networking Technologies
HP0-Y32: Designing and Troubleshooting Open Standard Networks
HP0-Y33: Implementing HP Wireless Networks
HP0-Y35: Wireless Networks - ASE 2011 Delta
HP0-Y36: Deploying HP Enterprise Networks
HP0-Y37: Migrating and Troubleshooting HP Enterprise Networks
HP0-Y43: Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Solutions
HP2-B11: HP Design jet Foundations Datasheet
HP2-B65: HP Imaging and Printing Sales Fundamentals
HP2-B67: HP Imaging and Printing Assessment and Design
HP2-B75: Imaging and Printing Security-Technical
HP2-B76: HP Imaging and Printing Technical Fundamentals
HP2-B80: Selling HP Imaging and Printing Solutions
HP2-B82: HP LaserJet Fundamental
HP2-B85: HP Imaging and Printing Sales Fundamentals
HP2-B86: HP Imaging and Printing Security Technical
HP2-B87: HP Imaging and Printing Technical Fundamentals
HP2-B88: HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management Technical
HP2-B90: HP Imaging and Printing Hardware - Sales
HP2-B91: Imaging and Printing Supplies - Sale
HP2-B93: Customer Comm Mgt-Design and Production
HP2-B94: Selling HP DesignJet Large Format Printing
HP2-B95: Selling HP Exstream Software - Solution Development
HP2-E32: Selling HP SMB Solutions
HP2-E35: Administering HP Converged. Infrastructure Solutions
HP2-E37: Selling HP Bladesystems
HP2-E43: Selling HP SMB Solutions
HP2-E45: Technical Introduction to the HP SMB Portfolio
HP2-E46: Selling HP Volume Support Services
HP2-E47: Selling HP Value Support Services
HP2-E48: Selling Through Curiosity
HP2-E49: Technical Essentials of HP Servers, Storage and Networking - Upgrade
HP2-E50: Consultative Selling of HP Mission Critical Technical Services
HP2-E51: Selling HP Cloudsystem and Converged Infrastructure Solutions
HP2-E52: Selling HP Cloudsystem and Converged Infrastructure Solutions Delta
HP2-E53: Selling HP Enterprise Solutions
HP2-H01: Servicing HP Desktops and Workstations
HP2-H08: Servicing HP Desktops, Workstations, and Notebooks
HP2-H14: Servicing HP Retail Point of Sale Solutions
HP2-H17: Designing and Implementing HP Thin Client Solutions
HP2-H18: Selling HP Retail Point of Sale Solutions
HP2-H19: HP Client Virtualization Solutions - Sales
HP2-H22: Sales Essentials of HP Digital Signage Solutions
HP2-H23: Sales Essentials of HP Workstations
HP2-H24: Technical Essentials of HP Workstations
HP2-H25: Selling HP Personal Systems
HP2-K09: Supporting MSL2024 and MSL4048 Tape Libraries
HP2-K10: Supporting MSL5000/6000 Series Libraries
HP2-K20: Supporting HP StorageWorks P2000 Solutions
HP2-K21: Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions - Delta
HP2-K22: Selling HP StorageWorks P9000
HP2-K23: Selling HP Storage Solutions
HP2-K24: Selling HP SMB Storage
HP2-K25: Supporting and Servicing HP P4000 Solutions
HP2-K26: Supporting and Servicing HP StorOnce Solutions
HP2-K27: Supporting and Servicing HP P6000 EVA Solutions
HP2-K28: Supporting and Servicing HP 3PAR Solutions
HP2-K29: Pre-Assessment Supporting and Servicing HP P6000 EVA Solutions
HP2-K30: Technical Introduction to the HP Storage SMB
HP2-K31: Technical Introduction to the HP Storage SMB Portfolio
HP2-N26: HP ALM 11 Implementations Upgrade
HP2-N27: Functional Testing/QTP 11 ASE Upgrade
HP2-N29: Understanding HP TippingPoint Solutions
HP2-N31: Selling HP BSM Solutions
HP2-N32: Selling HP Application Lifecycle Management Solutions
HP2-N33: Selling HP IT Performance Suite Solutions
HP2-N34: Selling HP BusinessService Automation Solutions
HP2-Q06: Selling HP BCS Solutions
HP2-T16: Industry Standard Architecture and Technology
HP2-T17: HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers [2010]
HP2-T19: HP BladeSystem Solutions [2010]
HP2-T20: Selling HP ProLiant Servers HP Sales
HP2-T25: Servicing HP Rack-Tower Server Solutions
HP2-T26: Servicing HP BladeSystem Solutions
HP2-Z09: TippingPoint Advanced Technical Security Products
HP2-Z12: Servicing HP Networking Products
HP2-Z13: Selling HP IP Telephony Solutions
HP2-Z14: Selling HP S-Series Networking Solutions
HP2-Z17: Selling HP Enterprise Network Solutions
HP2-Z18: Network Infrastructure AIS 2011
HP2-Z20: S-Series Networking Product Authorization
HP2-Z21: Planning and Designing HP Enterprise Networking Solutions
HP2-Z22: Selling HP Network Solutions
HP2-Z23: Selling HP Enterprise Networking Solutions
HP3-019: HP LaserJet 4200/4300 Series
HP3-023: HP Color Laserjet 2820-2840 Aio Datasheet
HP3-024: HP Color LaserJet 4700 Series
HP3-025: HP Laserjet 9000 Series
HP3-029: HP LaserJet 1150/1300 Series Datasheet
HP3-031: HP LaserJet 3000 and 3380/90 AIO Series
HP3-042: HP LaserJet 5200 Series Printers Service and Support
HP3-045: HP LaserJet 2400/p3005 Series
HP3-C02: HP Color LaserJet CP6015 and CM6040 MFP Service Qualification
HP3-C11: HP Scanjet N9120 Service and Support Qualification
HP3-C17: HP ScanJet N6350 Service and Support
HP3-C24: Pay For Print Sales
HP3-C27: SMB Printing and Imaging Sales
HP3-C28: Selling HP QuickPage and InCommand Solutions
HP3-C32: HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4020/CP4520 and CM4540 MFP Series
HP3-L04: Selling HP 3PAR Storage
HP3-L07: Selling HP Storage P4000 Solutions
HP3-R95: Servicing HP Networking Products
HP3-X01: HP Desktop, Workstation & Notebook Tools and Diagnostics
HP3-X04: Servicing HP Essential Notebook Products
HP3-X05: Servicing HP Mini NetBook Products
HP3-X06: Servicing HP Workstation Products
HP3-X08: Servicing HP Elite Desktop Products
HP3-X09: Servicing HP Advanced Desktop Products
HP3-X10: Servicing HP Essential Desktop Products
HP3-X11: Servicing HP Notebook Products
All HP Certifications