Hitachi HH0-450 : Hitachi Data Systems Certified Architect - Hitachi NAS Platform Exam

Number of questions: 121
Last Update: Jul 29, 15
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Hitachi HH0-450 Exam Description and Topics

The 60 question Hitachi HH0-450: Hitachi Data Systems Certified Architect - Hitachi NAS Platform Certification Exam, open only to Hitachi Data Systems partners and employees, requires the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional credential as a prerequisite. Additionally, in order to achieve the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Architect - Hitachi NAS Platform, an exam candidate must have pass the HH0-450 and one of the Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations certification exams. Taking the HH0-450 exam costs $200 in North America and $225 outside of North America.

In order to achieve the required passing score of 68% or higher, participants must have an understanding of NAS environments, concepts, and technologies. To test this understanding, the exam will ask questions concerning the Ethernet switch infrastructure requirements for Hitachi NAS Platform integration, hardware media type requirements for Hitachi NAS Platform integration, and generic File System architectures.

Additionally, participants must be able to understand a customer's business problems and show that they can assess the environment. Exam participants will be given a scenario and be required to identify the correct Hitachi NAS Platform software licenses, relevant business-related information, and necessary technical information in order to architect a solution.

The Hitachi HH0-450 exam also requires a candidate to be able to design Hitachi NAS Platform solution for a high-availability environment, a data protection environment, and a tiered storage environment. Candidates must be able to create NAS solution deployment documentation, understand how Hitachi NAS Platform system management tools work, and grasp all concepts related to solution design best practices.