Hitachi HH0-440 : Hitachi Data Systems Certified Architect - Performance Exam

Number of questions: 118
Last Update: Jul 23, 15
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Hitachi HH0-440 Exam Description and Topics

The Hitachi HH0-440: Hitachi Data Systems Certified Architect - Performance exam is a 58 question exam that requires professional-level expertise in storage performance concepts, Hitachi storage performance tools, standard performance analysis tools, optimal storage design principles, and bottleneck analysis and resolution. Professionals taking this exam must already have Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional credential. Additionally, the exam is open only to consultants, architects, and engineers who work for Hitachi Data Systems and partners.

Relevant exam topics include product architecture, performance tools and data sources, acquisition planning, deployment planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Also, exam candidates should have expertise in concepts relating to tiers, including pools, workload, and virtualization.

The Hitachi HH0-440 exam will give participants a scenario and expect the participant to be able to use their expert knowledge in order to come up with a solution using multiple technical products. To fully pass these types of questions, participants should be knowledgeable in RAID, I/O, servers, operating systems, disk drives, Fibre Channel, host bus adapters, fabric and host, interconnect hardware, and storage design principles.

Taking the HH0-440 exam costs $200 in North America and $225 outside of North America. Participants must receive no less than a 68% in order to pass. They will have 60 minutes to do so in English-speaking countries, while non-English speaking countries will receive 90 minutes to attempt to pass the HH0-440 exam.