Hitachi HH0-280 : Hitachi Data Systems Solution Specialist - Virtualization Exam

Number of questions: 100
Last Update: Jul 24, 15
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Hitachi HH0-280 Exam Description and Topics

Before taking the Hitachi HH0-280: Hitachi Data Systems Solution Specialist - Virtualization Exam, a participant must already hold the certification of Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations. Becoming a Hitachi Certified Solution Specialist requires passing the HH0-280, in addition to passing one of the Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations certification exams.

There are 60 questions on the HH0-280 exam, which take 60 minutes to answer in English-speaking countries and 90 minutes to answer in non-English speaking countries. A passing score on the exam is 68%. In order to take the HH0-280 exam, participants must be Hitachi Data Systems employees or partners, and must pay a $200 exam fee in North America. The exam fee is $225 outside of North America.

Passage of the HH0-280 exam requires an understanding of virtualization and data mobility issues. To prove an understanding of these concepts, exam takers will need to describe how the Hitachi Command Suite architecture allows for capacity data collection and provisioning. They will also be asked to demonstrate how Hitachi Data Systems does all of the following things: allows the moving of data volumes across storage tiers non-disruptively, provides virtualization in a multi-tiered storage environment, and provides virtual storage capacity with thin provisioning.

During the HH0-280 exam, participants will be tested on their knowledge of Hitachi Universal Volume Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Tiering software, Hitachi Virtual Partitioning, Cache Partitioning Manager, Hitachi Command Suite, and Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning. Concepts relating to pre-deployment, implementation, and solutions support and maintenance will be covered.