Hitachi HH0-270 : Hitachi Data Systems Certified Solution Specialist - Business Continuity Exam

Number of questions: 115
Last Update: Jul 27, 15
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Hitachi HH0-270 Exam Description and Topics

The Hitachi HH0-270: Hitachi Data Systems Certified Solution Specialist - Business Continuity Exam requires the exam participant to correctly answer 68% of the 60 questions correctly in order to pass. The exam is 60 minutes for English-speaking countries and 90 minutes for non-English speaking countries.

Available only to Hitachi Data Systems employees and authorized service providers, the HH0-270 exam tests a participant's knowledge of deployment considerations. The HH0-270 exam also covers all aspects related to implementing and supporting Hitachi Data Systems business continuity solutions. The software covered on the exam includes Copy-on-Write Snapshot software and Hitachi High Availability Manager software.

Some of the business continuity principles and fundamentals covered on the HH0-270 exam will require participants to define Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Participants will also have to define the features of both synchronous and asynchronous remote replication.

Additionally, the work experience of participants should make them prepared to answer questions about pre-architecture and pre-deployment checks, Hitachi replication common concepts, and troubleshooting business continuity solutions. When given a scenario, a participant of the HH0-270 exam should be able to describe the methods involved in troubleshooting that particular error, and they should be able to explain which logs are available for troubleshooting.

Before taking the Hitachi HH0-270 exam, participants must hold the Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations Certification. In order to hold the certification of Hitachi Certified Solution Specialist, one must pass the HH0-270 exam as well as one of the Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations certification exams.