Hitachi HH0-250 : Hitachi Data Systems Implementer - File Services NA Exam

Number of questions: 121
Last Update: Jul 18, 15
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Hitachi HH0-250 Exam Description and Topics

The primary focus of the Hitachi HH0-250: Hitachi Data Systems Implementer File Services NAS exam will be upon Hitachi High Performance NAS platforms and related software products. The material covered on the test will include the tools and techniques related to supporting HDS File Services solutions.

The Hitachi HH0-250 test is going to feature approximately 60 questions. A candidate will be allotted 120 minutes in which to finish the test, and in order to pass it, he or she will need to obtain a minimum score of 68%. The cost of taking this exam will be roughly $200.00 USD.

An example of one of the topics that will appear on this exam is File Level Network Interface. For this portion of the exam, a candidate will be required to describe the network advanced features leveraged by Hitachi NAS platform. Additionally, given a scenario, describe how to configure a Hitachi NAS Platform for integration into a file oriented Ethernet network.

Additional topics that will appear on the Hitachi HH0-250 exam include File Systems, File Systems access protocols, Hitachi NAS platform installation and setup, and implementing a Hitachi NAS Platform in a data protection environment.