Hitachi HH0-110 : Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations - Enterprise Certification Exam

Number of questions: 165
Last Update: Jul 3, 15
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Hitachi HH0-110 Exam Description and Topics

The Hitachi HH0-110: Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations exam has been designed to prove that a successful candidate has a thorough knowledge of Hitachi Data Systems Enterprise storage products and technology. This exam is intended for Hitachi Data Systems partners, customers, and employees, and it features an emphasis on the technical aspects of Hitachi products and technology.

The content of the Hitachi HH0-110 exam is going to cover numerous different areas of Cloud and Content Cloud offerings. For example, just some of the topics that will be covered include storage management, storage virtualization, replication and data protection, and file and content solutions and converged data center solutions.

This HH0-110 test is going to contain approximately 60 questions, and a candidate will be allotted 60 minutes in which to complete the exam. 90 minutes will be allotted to individuals who are not native speakers of English. In order to pass the exam, a candidate is going to need to obtain a minimum score of 65%.

The cost of taking the Hitachi HH0-110 exam will be approximately $200.00 USD. A candidate who successfully passes this exam will be awarded the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional certification. This test can also be used as a stepping stone for obtaining other Hitachi certifications.