H3C GB0-190 : Constructing Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Network Exam

Number of questions: 99
Last Update: Jul 7, 15
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H3C GB0-190 Exam Description and Topics

The H3C GB0-190 GB190 exam is designed for engineers, teachers, and operational staff who are seeking H3C certification. In order to be successful at this exam, a candidate is going to need a fair amount of knowledge regarding Microsoft Windows, data communication network fundamentals, common network devices, and TCP/IP.

There are a number of topics that will be covered on the H3C GB0-190 exam, including Network essentials, seven-layer OSI reference model, and TCP/IP model, IP subnetting and the fundamentals of major TCP/IP protocols, and Typical LAN and WAN technologies. Other similar topics that may appear include ACL based packet filtering and ISDN basics.

In order to be successful on the H3C GB0-190 test, a candidate is also going to need to possess knowledge of fundamentals and configuration methods of routers and Ethernet switches and of IP routing and routing protocols. These are general guidelines for the content of the exam, and additional questions about related content may appear.

There are 7 different training classes a candidate can take in order to prepare for this exam: including Computer Network Fundamentals, Configuring Secure Branch Networks, Configuring IP Routing, and Getting Started with H3C Network devices. The total amount of training time for all 7 classes will total approximately 5 business days.