GIAC GSSP-NET : GIAC Secure Software Programmer- .NET Exam

Number of questions: 492
Last Update: Jul 26, 15
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GIAC GSSP-NET Exam Description and Topics

Before taking the GIAC GSSP-NET: GIAC Secure Software Programmer- .NET exam, candidates should have the knowledge and skills required to write secure code and should be able to recognize security shortcomings in existing code. The purpose of the GSSP-NET exam is to allow candidates to prove their mastery of security knowledge, as well as their expertise in dealing with common programming errors that cause most security problems.

Additionally, candidates should possess technical mastery of coding secure software applications through the usage of .NET. In addition to being able to point out the shortcomings in other programmers' kills, candidates should be able to ensure that other programmers have adequate secure coding skills.

If a candidate has the skills necessary to pass the 75 question exam with a score of 66% or higher, they will receive a certification that lasts for four years. Before taking the GIAC GSSP-NET exam, the candidate may wish to complete the optional SANS Training Course: DEV544: Secure Coding in .NET: Developing Defensible Applications in order to review the basic concepts on the exam.