GIAC GSEC : GIAC Security Essentials Exam

Number of questions: 277
Last Update: Jul 28, 15
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GIAC GSEC Exam Description and Topics

The GIAC GSEC: GIAC Security Essentials exam contains 180 questions and must be completed within five hours. The proctored exam requires a score of 73.9% or higher in order to pass. After passing the GSEC exam, a candidate will hold a certification for four years, before they will need to renew their certification.

Potential GSEC exam candidates should be security professionals who wish to prove that they are qualified for hands-on security tasks within IT systems. Candidates will need to have an understanding of information security that stretches beyond the basic terminology and concepts.

For example, a GSEC exam candidate must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the 802.11 protocols, an understanding of the common wireless attacks, and how those attacks can be prevented. They must also prove that they have an understanding of what type of network mapping techniques an attacker can use in order to examine wireless networks. In general, exam candidates should have a thorough understanding of all basic penetration techniques, common types of attacks, and contingency planning.

Additional concepts that may be tested during the GSEC exam include, but are not limited to, the following: access control theory, authentication and password management, crypto concepts and fundamentals, DNS, firewalls and firewall subversion, HIDS, honeypots, and Defense-in-Depth. Familiarity with vulnerability management and the Windows operating systems are also required.