GIAC G2700 : GIAC Certified ISO-27000 Specialist Exam

Number of questions: 454
Last Update: Jul 15, 15
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GIAC G2700 Exam Description and Topics

The GIAC G2700: GIAC Certified ISO-27000 Specialist exam requires a candidate to possess a thorough knowledge of ISO-27000 series of standards and the ability to put them into practice. The associated set of standards offers an organization the ability to develop security practices by instilling best practice and detailed guidance in its professionals.

The exam number for this test is G2700. This exam is proctored, and it is going to contain a range of 75 questions. A candidate will be allotted 120 minutes in which to complete the exam, and in order to pass, it is going to be necessary for the candidate to obtain a minimum score of 70.7%.

In order to pass the GIAC G2700 exam, a candidate is encouraged to enroll in the SANS training course: MGT411: SANS 27000 Implementation & Management. Just some of the topics that a candidate can expect to arise on this exam include Security Policy, Legal Compliance, Organizational Security, and Asset Management.

A significant portion of the GIAC G2700 test will be devoted to testing a candidate's knowledge of Risk Analysis and Techniques. For example, a candidate will be tested on the ISO 27002/27005 controls and risk analysis techniques for Cause Consequence Analysis (CCA), CCA history, fault trees, event trees, and Risk Dynamics.