Fortinet FCNSP : Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional Exam

Number of questions: 120
Last Update: Jul 26, 15
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Testlive's Fortinet FCNSP Exam Testimonials
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Can You Imagine a Better Day
The day I passed my Fortinet FCNSP exam was a great day. I entered the exam with all the other candidates and they all appeared somewhat nervous if not mortified. I am happy to say that although I had a little anxiety which is healthy since it was not paralyzing. I started the exam and as I worked though the questions I could remember the high points I studied through the TestsLive Preparation Guide. The progression of the practice exams was similar to the real deal and there were no real surprises as I took the exam. I left the exam and I saw people sweating and stressing over the exam. Thanks to TestsLive, I was not. I got what I needed from you to help me pass the Fortinet FCNSP on the first try and I got a great score. I will use your guides in the future and I have told all the people I know about you as well.
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- From Terrell Carter

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Fortinet FCNSP Exam Description and Topics

Vendor: Fortinet

Exam Name: Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional

Exam Number: FCNSP

Languages Offered: English

Duration: N/A