Exin EX0-116 : EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Exam

Number of questions: 112
Last Update: Jul 16, 15
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Exin EX0-116 Exam Description and Topics

The Exin EX0-116 Cloud Computing Foundation exam is a 60-minute exam consisting of 40 multiple choice questions covering the principles and usage of Cloud Computing. Receiving a passing score of at least 65% will result in the Cloud Computing Foundation certificate. The exam is available in the English, French, Portuguese, and Japanese languages.

As part of this exam, candidates must be knowledgeable of the basic concepts, implementation, and management of Cloud Computing. Its relationship with the organization and other areas of information management should be thoroughly understood. Training courses and reading material can be used as main resources for learning this knowledge. A preparation guide and practice exams are also available.

The Exin EX0-116 exam will focus on the following topics:

1. Participants should understand the background knowledge of Cloud Computing, in addition to the basic concepts, architecture, and main drivers/limitations. Participants should know how users can access the Cloud and how it can be used for business process and by service providers.

2. Being able to build a local Cloud environment, including main components and their connection, and understanding the principles of Cloud service management is required.

3. Participants must be able to describe security risks and how they can be mitigated. Identity management, compliance issues, and evaluation, and business terms of Cloud computing should be recognized and explained.