Exin EX0-112 : Business Information Management Foundation Exam

Number of questions: 79
Last Update: Jul 31, 15
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Exin EX0-112 Exam Description and Topics

The Exin EX0-112 Business Information Management Foundation exam is a 1-hour test with 40 multiple choice questions that will test knowledge of the information provisioning and functional management within a business, and the architecture it requires. It is designed for IT professionals who are familiar with the information provisioning and operational role within an organization.

An instructor-led training course is provided to accompany the test; online, computer-based training courses are also available. All candidates should be familiar with the book BiSL, a Framework for Business Information Management, as the course and test will follow its outline. Sample questions and a preparation guide can be downloaded from the Exin website. A passing score of 65% is required. The Exin EX0-112 exam is available in English, Dutch, German, and Portuguese.

The following topics will appear on the exam:

1. Use and Functionality Management. Participants should be able to explain each cluster and the processes within each one. The processes and clusters as a whole should be easily connected, and the resulting relationship, activities and content must be identified and described.

2. Management Processes and Business Information Management. Participants should have knowledge of the processes within the management process cluster. General concepts, organization strategy, differences in management, and the role/importance of information management within the organization must be explained.