Exin EX0-111 : Green IT Citizen Exam

Number of questions: 40
Last Update: Jul 13, 15
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Exin EX0-111 Exam Description and Topics

The Exin EX0-111 Green IT Citizen exam is a 30-minute exam with 20 multiple choice questions. A score of 65% must be reached to receive the Green IT Citizen certification. Exam content will cover Green issues and the application of Green concepts to sustainability policies and awareness. No prerequisites are required, and all IT professionals are able to enroll in this exam.

The Exin EX0-111 exam can be taken online or at any Prometric test center and is available in the English, German, and Portuguese languages. To prepare for this exam, candidates can download a preparation guide, practice questions, and sample exams from the Exin website. The book Green IT for Dummies can also be purchased and read for further training.

In the Exin EX0-111 exam, participants will be asked questions regarding three areas of knowledge:

1. Participants must be able to describe basic green concepts and their role in the IT ecosystem. Understanding of the environmental, governmental, and business drivers of Green IT, is required.

2. Participants should display knowledge of the organizational measures of Green IT, including recycling practices, e-Waste prevention, and collaboration technologies.

3. Participants should be able to derive basic green measures and solutions, including greener solutions for computers and monitors, desktop energy waste production, and paper-usage reduction.