Exin EX0-101 : ITIL Foundation v.3 & ITIL Foundation Exam

Number of questions: 81
Last Update: Jul 19, 15
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Exin EX0-101 Exam Description and Topics

The Exin EX0-101 ITIL Foundation (v3) exam is a 40-question test that, if complete successfully, will result in the acquisition of the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. The exam will be supervised and can take no longer than 60 minutes to complete. It is available in 20 different languages and can be taken in an online or paper format. (Languages and other information can be accessed at the Exin website).

The Exin EX0-101 exam is designated for IT professionals or business managers who run an organization according to ITIL. To prepare for this exam, it is highly recommended that candidates download the preparation guide, which includes exam information and topic outline. Training courses and several publications also cover information that will be presented on the exam. A passing score of 65% is required.

Participants should possess knowledge regarding service management concepts and the ITIL service lifecycle. Processes, functions, and roles of the ITIL service lifecycle, along with their purposes, will be tested. Participants should be able to explain specific functions (including the service desk and technical management function), design, and improvement of service. Other foundational skills, concepts, and principles must be understood.

Reference: official Exin EX0-101 exam description